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In general, we recommend compilations of various artists in a particular genre, rather than CD's by particular groups or artists, at least until you get a sense of what you like and of what's danceable. A CD by a given group may have a lot of really good music, but often only one or two songs are appropriate for dancing. Compilations, either of various artists' music, or the greatest hits of any given artist, usually include a much higher percentage of danceable music.

"La Salsa de Hoy" (2 CD set) Perhaps an annual edition. Ours is from 1992. Globo Records (Sony CDT-80782)

"The 20th Anniversary of the New York Salsa Festival" (2 CD set) 1995, RMM Records (Sony C2CD-81655)

"Merengue en la Calle Ocho" (annual edition of the Salsa/Merengue festival in Miami Beach)

"Salsa en la Calle Ocho", (annual edition of the Salsa/Meregue festival in Miami Beach)

"Los Mejores Merengues" 1991, Globo Records, CD #: 3157-2-RL

"Non-stop Dancing, Vol.3" Salsa and merengue. 1990, CBS Discos. #CD 80453

Mambo & Cha Cha Cha:
"Selection of Mambo & Cha-cha-cha" (2 CD set), De Luxe Label, 1996, Promo Sound AG OSA/BIEM, #DCD-737

Latin Mixes:
"Bailame: Exitos en Salsa y Merengue", 1997, #RMD82075, RMM. In spite of the title this also includes a very good cha cha cha, some good rumbas, as well as salsa and merengue.

Great Latin Club dance music is very popular these days and therefore easy to find, usually in the "International/Latin" section of most music stores. Kelly has found a lot of good Latin CDs at Tower Records.

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