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There are Ballroom Dance Music compilations available, but the ones we like best (the Pro-Dance series from Canada) are currently out of print or unavailable. So instead here are our CD or artist recommendations for each dance:

Almost any Frank Sinatra album will have some good danceable foxtrots.

A lot of Bobby Darin music is good for foxtrot (e.g., Across the Sea, Mack the Knife

"Frankie Manning's Really Swingin' Big Band Favorites" (on the Living Traditions label [Sony Music, Special Products], swing, lindy hop and several songs that work well for foxtrot. Look for it online.

Generally, a lot of slower to medium tempo big band music is perfect for foxtrot.

Cha Cha Cha:
"The Mambo Kings" Original motion picture soundtrack. CD#: 9 61240-2, Elektra, 1992, has cha-cha's, mambos, rumbas. A good place to start.

"Selections of Mambo & Cha-cha-cha", a 2 CD set. #DCD-737, De Luxe label, 1996, by Promo Sound AG. has a great selection of classic cha-cha's & mambos from the golden age. All of the classic orchestras.

"Bailame: Exitos en Salsa y Merengue" (RMM Records, 1997, RMD 82075), salsa/mambos, merengues, rumbas, and a great cha-cha.

"More Dirty Dancing",(from the motion picture Dirty Dancing) cha-chas, mambos, a merengue, and a foxtrot. The cha-chas are 1950's and 60's rock and roll.

Many Motown hits from the 1960's are good cha-cha music.

"The Tango Project"

"The Tango Project II: Two to tango".

Good waltz music is the hardest to find. Here are a few suggestions of some CD's with at least one good danceable waltz on them. The style of music varies widely.

"Those Wonderful Years", various artists, Heartland Music/CBS Music Products, CD# HD1082/4 has waltzes, slow foxtrots, and one-steps.

"The Lover's Waltz" Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, Angel Records, CD#: (7243 5) 55561 (2 7), several good selections, slow to medium speed.

"Polka Your Troubles Away" with Jimmie Sturr, Rounder Records, CD# 6057, has polkas, oberek, and one very good waltz, Ashokan Farewell, the theme song from the Civil War television mini-series.

"The Greatest Country Dance Record Ever" vol.I, various artists, Warner Bros. Records, CD#: 9 45354-2, has a very good Country waltz, some Country two-steps, and some Country Swing

"The Music of Henry Mancini", various artists, has several waltzes.

Some of these CD's are hard to find at music stores. Try the following:
in Philadelphia, Tower Records on South Street.

in New York City:
*Tower Records near Chinatown.
*Worldtone Music, Inc., 230 7th Ave (between 23-24 Sts, 2nd floor), Tel:(212) 691-1934. is a source for dance shoes and a reasonable selection of dance music CD's, though much of the music is targeted to competition dancing. This can mean that while the beat is strong and constant, the music might not be very interesting. Check it out.

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