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Kelly Ray and Lesley Mitchell are Philadelphia-based social ballroom dance teachers with extensive training in folkdance, character dance, modern and ballet as well social partner dance.

For more than a decade they have made an intensive study of Argentine Tango, and they visit Argentina yearly to immerse themselves in the tango culture of Buenos Aires. Their teachers there have been, among others, Gustavo Naveira, Corina de la Rosa & Julio Balmaceda, Eduardo Arquimbau and Kely & Facundo Posadas, who are among the finest of the new and old generations of Argentine masters. Lesley and Kelly seek to transmit their love of the dance, the music and its culture to North American audiences and students.

They have also studied Swing, Lindy Hop, and West Coast Swing with some of the luminaries and champions of the swing world, such as Frankie Manning, Mario Robau, and Robert Cordoba, and they always keep up to date on how the dance is evolving right here and now. As volunteers and guest teachers they serve the Philadelphia Swing Dance Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting swingdance in the Delaware Valley.

They have polished their Latin dance skills on dance floors all over the US, as well as in South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, and have a keen sense of the many exciting new versions of these dances which are still evolving.

Kelly and Lesley also have decades of experience making dance accessible to everyone through teaching, performing, and organizing community dance events, from Argentine Tango to swing, ballroom and folkdance. They believe that dance should be available to everyone at moderate rates, and that anyone who wants to dance can. Their instruction is clear and practical, with lots of attention on how to dance with a partner. Their students are out dancing in no time.

Many of the images on this site are from Lesley's artwork. To learn more, go to